2022 Ford F150: The New F150 Redesign With Evolutionary Concept

2022 Ford F150 We’re already taking a first look at the redesigned Ford F-150, the latest iteration of Ford’s popular light-duty pickup truck.

Featuring a list of sensible luxury and practical upgrades from the previous generation, the F-150 is available in a variety of trims from basic to luxurious. But one trim is missing from the lineup: the fan-favorite Raptor.

We’re excited to report this high-output off-road variant is coming back in 2022, and we’re confident it will be powered by the supercharged 5.2-liter V8 from the Shelby GT500.

The Ford F-150 Raptor 2022 receives a serious upgrade. The previous model was powered by a twin-turbocharged V6 engine producing 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque.

Despite providing leading-edge acceleration in the Raptor class, the numbers are no match for the upcoming Ram 1500 TRX, which uses a 702 horsepower Hellcat engine.

For 2022, Ford will equip the Raptor with a supercharged V8 from the Shelby GT500, with an output target of between 725 and 750 hp. And while you can’t see it in these photos, the Raptor will feature coil-spring rear suspension, a first for the Ford F-150.

2022 Ford F150 Redesign

The latest generation Ford F-150 is coming soon and that means a new Raptor variant will also hit the market. This render from artist Mo Aoun shows what the new F-150 Raptor will look like.

2022 Ford F150 The hybrid merely marks the beginning of the F-150's electric embrace. Come model-year 2022, the F-150

The new spy shot of the latest generation 2022 Ford F150 reveals that the exterior design will not be that different from the current model.

As a result, there’s a good chance that some stylistic changes will be made to the latest Raptor. However, if Ford is bold and wants to make this new truck stand out, it’s best to take a look at Aoun’s creation.

The first thing that catches your eye about this truck is a remodeled matte black grille that is sharp and more aggressive than those in use today.

Besides, the bulky headlights of the current Raptor have been replaced by a pair of small but equally striking headlights.

The front bumper/bull bar is similar in shape to the current Raptor used, but also slimmer to fit other designs.

The sides are quite interesting too. For starters, the front and rear wheel arches appear wider than the current model and the side steps have been more neatly incorporated into the overall design.

The rear complements the aggressive front fascia and sides with blackened sections and bars that extend from the roof to the bed.

The switch to solid aluminum bodies for the last generation of trucks was a monumental undertaking, requiring significant refit at manufacturing facilities and workshops. Ford is taking baby steps this time.

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The Sheetmetal F-150 will retain the same shape but carry a revised nose and new headlights. The astute eye might also notice a different taillight, but overall, this redesign looks more like a mid-cycle refresh than a generational transformation.

The changes inside should be clearer. Trying to catch up with Ram’s upscale interiors, Ford’s Limited, King Ranch, and Platinum models will include more premium materials and touchpoints.

An 8.0-inch infotainment screen comes standard while the optional 15.5-inch screen takes square proportions for the Instagram generation. Both run on the latest brand name software, Sync 4.

Ford will offer a powertrain for every buyer, with five engines carrying over from the current F-150. Ignore all rumors about the DOHC 4.8 liter V-8. 5.0 liters of life and shares more parts with Mustang’s V-8.

The four V-6s include two twin-turbo engines displacing the 2.7 and 3.5 liters, the 3.0-liter turbo-diesel, and the naturally aspirated 3.3 liters. All are supported by a 10-speed auto.

Ford will also offer a hybrid with an electric motor sandwiched between a V-6 and a 10-speed automatic. In addition to increasing fuel economy, the hybrid powertrain will double as a generator for electrical, lighting, and other electronic equipment on construction sites and at campgrounds.

If that’s not enough for you, Ford plans to introduce the electric truck a few years after the launch of the 2022 Ford F150. Spy photos show this version will replace the live rear axle with independent suspension.

With GMC already touting a four-figure power figure for the Hummer EV SUT, we’re seeing a new battlefield emerge in Detroit’s endless truck wars. And if Ford doesn’t call this one the Lightning, something’s wrong at Dearborn.

2022 Ford F150 Rendering

This rendering takes the styling of the new Ford F-150 2022 prototype and extrapolates it even further with a Ford Raptor twist.

Upgrades for the 2022 Ford F150 Raptor include a

This means adding wide-body front and rear fenders, the Raptor’s signature “FORD” grille, skid plates, and more. The renderings are available in three different colors, but (in my opinion) there’s no sort of trim or vents on the top of the hood.

If the next 3rd generation Raptor will be available as a 2022 model, does that mean there won’t be a 2022 Raptor on sale? It’s possible, but I think the 2nd generation Raptor will continue into 2022 with style and features largely unchanged.

The 2022 and/or new 2022 Raptor truck will likely get coil springs along the way, as evidenced by the test mule spotted a few months ago. FOX direct valve performance shocks will likely continue to be offered.

2022 Ford F 150 Raptor

Expect supercharged, 37-inch V-8 power and an intricate interior.

The 2022 MotorTrend Truck of the Year winner, the 702-hp Ram 1500 TRX caught the Ford somewhat flat-footed, popping out of nowhere when the third-generation F-150 Raptor got too far in its development order of the supercharged V 8 line correction.

The 2022 Ford F150 V8 will be hunting the Ram TRX

So for 2022, the F-150 Raptor gets a 3.5 liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V-6 engine equipped with light revisions and (not yet finalized) output figures that won’t cover much of the 252-hp and 140- lb-ft range relative to the TRX.

The job will go to the Raptor R, which is expected to arrive within a year.

Powerful V-8 Confirmed For Raptor R, 2022 Ford F150 marketing manager Brian Bell confirmed the Raptor R will get a “powerful V-8” in an interview.

So which one? The new 7.3-liter pushrod engine from the Super Duty Godzilla V-8 is no revver, and thus no match for the exciting Raptor. Our Intel continues to point to the truck version of the Mustang Shelby GT500 Predator 5.2 liter supercharged V-8.

On the Mustang, it’s rated for 760 hp and 625 lb-ft – those numbers compare favorably to the TRX’s 702 hp, 650 lb-ft. But the Raptor’s expected duty cycle is, shall we say, “quite different” from the one on Shelby ‘Stang,

How Powerful Does the Raptor R Need?

In a January 26 interview with CNBC, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis admitted that the Hellcat engine, the version that powers the Ram TRX, is an endangered species due to increased compliance costs.

He hopes to maintain the Hellcat’s performance with smaller, more efficient, partly electric drivetrains. So, with TRX as we know it on its way out, how much pressure is there for the Raptor to beat the TRX 2022 horsepower and torque figures?

Could it be that a lighter aluminum-bodied truck with a slightly lower output, two more transmission ratios, and a better-proven desert racing chop suspension legally claims (or possibly even achieves) a steel-bashing advantage with 50 or fewer horses and pounds-feet? Maybe.

Especially if there’s only a slight overlap between the top-dog Raptor R and the 6.2-liter TRX. And note that we expect Ford ‘

Is the Raptor 37 Triggered By TRX?

While the timing of the Ram TRX’s arrival means Ford doesn’t have time to prepare a competing V-8 engine for launch, many believe in an engineering program to modify frame, shocks and tuning to fit the industry-leading 37-inch Raptor 2022 tires.

Package fueled by TRX. The Raptor 37 certainly outperforms TRX in all major off-road measurements with a ground clearance of 13.1 inches versus TRX 11.8, and an approach / breakover / departure angle of 33.2 / 24.4 / 24.9 degrees to TRX 30.2. / 21.9 / 23.5 degrees.

We don’t have a road trip index number yet, but even the Raptor’s rear spring is 0.4 inches longer than the TRX, placing it as the longest in a production passenger vehicle, so the Raptor can also be a champion of articulation.

Range-Topping Raptor R or TRX?

Obviously, we expect Ford to equip the R with more aggressive bodywork and, inside the cabin, all the sporty luxury it can provide, with an interior at least as good as the 2022 Raptor 37.

That means Recaro seats with contrast stitching, genuine carbon-fiber trim, a wrapped dashboard. and sewn, all-digital clusters and large infotainment screens, etc. But after sitting on TRX just days after tasting the Raptor 37, the Ram still stands out as a fancier and better interior.

We were eager to learn whether Ford was going to fight Ram / SRT performance goodness like the Performance Pages app, launch control programming, and other items. We certainly hope so.

2022 Ford F150 Electric

Will the F-150 EV get the name Everglades? Will the F-150 EV get the name Everglades?

The electric motor will be present at the Ford F-150. The 2022 F-150’s PowerBoost petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain comes first, which combines a 3.5-liter V-6 twin-turbocharged engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission with an integrated 35 kW electric motor. The hybrid-only marked the beginning of the F-150’s electric embrace.

2022 Ford F150 Redesign The most remarkable change in the exterior of the F-150 2020 is the renewed grid, which is larger and more

Coming to the 2022 model year, the F-150 will add a battery-electric drivetrain to its options menu. The model may be called the Everglades (possibly the bad-insignia Everglades), or it may simply be called the F-150 Electric.

Regardless of what its name implies, the battery-electric F-150 will certainly be able to continue the truck’s tradition of hauling and towing serious loads, as evidenced by Ford’s decision to look at the powertrain by showing it towing a train worth F-150s in a video released last year.

The F-150 EV’s production crane rating certainly won’t come close to the 1.25 million pounds the train weighs, but we expect the half-ton EV pick up to at least match the PowerBoost model’s stated 12,000 pound-plus crane rating.

We also anticipated the truck to sport bikes on every axle and made it to 200 miles on a full charge from a sure-big battery. And that definitely takes into account the reasonable payload effect on the Ford pickup bed.

Hypermile and get rid of all the unwanted weights, and you will likely have a better body. Remember, Ford is investing in Rivian, the electric carmaker that claims its R1T pickup will cover more than 400 miles on a full charge from the available 180 kWh battery pack.

While Rivian can help make the F-150 as efficient as possible, the company won’t simply send its platform to Ford for use under the BEVs of the upcoming F-150.

In fact, the F-150 Electric will use a modified version of the standard F-150 frame, which could ultimately limit the size of the battery pack that Ford fits in its truck.

To get the most out of the model, Ford is sure to change the front end styling of the F-150 for even further aerodynamic efficiency.

Look for a largely closed grille, reworked lower fascia that cuts further into the approach angle of the truck, side skirts, and model-specific wheels.

Although Ford will eventually offer the F-150 Electric in multiple trims and with several cabins and bunk lengths, the company will likely initially offer models in one or two trims, cabins, and bunk lengths to keep profit margins high.

We’ll bet the expensive, four-door, the short-bunk-like limited-trim model will serve as a child poster for the F-150 Electric, with an XL spec option that’s simpler and cheaper to perform the task. attracting fleet buyers and more cash-strapped EV truck consumers.

Even so, the cheapest F-150 Electric would definitely cost a lot more than its gas-powered equivalent. Nevertheless, we will know more about the Ford F-150 Electric 2022, its capabilities, and the price is close to model disclosure.

2022 Ford F150 Limited

The only variant of the Ford F-150 that was missing when the significantly redesigned 2022 model was revealed was the fast-impact Raptor.

But fear not, it’s on its way, and we’ve got a glimpse of F150Gen14, a forum for next-generation Ford trucks. Both images show the Raptor’s front clip on the body in white and a computer-aided design (CAD) rendering.

The blank body photo shows Ford is adding a bit of flair to the front fenders rather than just expanding them. The top extends outward and tapers toward the rear edge ending in a large vent.

Underneath is the wheel arch, which according to the CAD drawing will have a large plastic flare as wide as the top of the fender.

The rest of the new Raptor looks as expected. The grille is more integrated with the headlights, as on the normal F-150.

The center bar will consist of the word “FORD,” and the top of the grille hides the government-required yellow indicator lights. The hood also appears to have plastic inserts for a more aggressive look.

We hope to see the new Raptor next year. Rumor has it that Ford will offer at least one limited edition model with a supercharged V8 version of the GT500 to go against the TRX Ram. It can be paired with a high-performance version of the 3.5-liter PowerBoost twin-turbo hybrid powertrain from the regular F-150 V6.

The standard PowerBoost already produces 430 horsepower and 570 pound-feet. We’re confident Ford could get a lot more out of it, especially since it’s so closely tied to the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 in today’s Raptor.

2022 Ford F 150 King Ranch

Currently, the country’s best-selling vehicle gets the bionic muscle from the PowerBoost hybrid, coupled with a built-in generator. Tomorrow? Driving without using hands.

2022 Ford F150 The third-generation F-150 Raptor should improve on the intimidating image and desert-pounding capabilities that made the high-performance truck famous

I don’t have any empirical evidence to support this, but if I had to guess which new-vehicle buyers were inherently against vehicle electrification, I would bet it would be pickup buyers. In contrast, with the truck segment’s emphasis on torque and its indifference to higher curb weight, light-duty pickups have the advantage of getting more motorized handouts than most.

While others have tried and largely failed to spark interest in gas-electric trucks, spending a few days driving this 2022 Ford F-150 PowerBoost convinced me that this model has the best chance of turning mass into electron excitement. In fact, this is the first hybrid pickup I bought with my own money.

When I say “mass,” I mean it. The Ford F-Series has been America’s best-selling truck for 43 consecutive years, and the country’s best-selling new vehicle of all kinds.

In fact, trucking is one of the nation’s top economic drivers, reportedly making more money than all of the major US sports put together.

Ford built 900,000 F Series trucks last year. That means that although hybrid models make up only a small percentage of the total F-150 sold going forward, the PowerBoost could have a bigger net effect on America’s fossil fuel consumption than any other vehicle – including the Tesla. This new truck, then, was a big deal. There is no pressure.

While the Blue Oval will continue to offer its dairy cows in a range of predictable gas-powered and diesel-powered flavors, the new Ford F-150 PowerBoost 2022 will give buyers plenty to chew on.

I’m not just talking about this model because it has the most horsepower and torque of any F-150, although, at 430 horsepower and 570 pound-feet, this plugless pickup has the honor of being locked tighter than any other owner’s fist around. bacon- double cheeseburger.

Thanks to the F-150’s built-in Pro Power Onboard hybrid generator and a host of other tricks, the new F-Series offers plenty of reasons to consider electrification beyond increased fuel economy.

Before I delve too deep into the gas-electric content of this King Ranch SuperCrew 4×4, an overview of the new F-150 is ready. While it may look like a light refresh from the previous model, this 14th generation rig is actually quite different – way more than 90% different, says Ford.

The new truck uses a stiffer, full-box steel frame wrapped in new bodywork (aluminum, as before), and is on tracks that are half an inch wider. All cabin and box configurations return, along with all the major trim levels – XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited (a new Raptor expected next year), but there’s a lot of news going on under the skin regardless of trim.

The easiest way to see the F-150 2022 on the road is the revised C-clamp-shaped LED headlights, which now flow into the redesigned front bumper.

There’s a new set of grilles up front, and aerodynamic improvements including active shutters and a chin spoiler that automatically spreads quickly.

At the rear, the new taillights of the tailgate bracket were redesigned while repeating the C-clamp design theme.

2022 Ford F 150 Platinum

The legendary Ford V8 available with this 10-speed transmission provides all the power you need plus a best-in-class maximum payload rating of 3,325 lbs. torque, thanks to twin independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT), as well as the Ford port-fuel and direct-injection (PFDI) system with two injectors per cylinder – one in the air intake port, the other in the cylinder – for increased power.

Back when the 2022 Ford F150 was still covered in camouflage, a VIN decoder surfaced on the Internet with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 as the

And new Variable Displacement Engine (VDE) technology allows the engine to shut down half of its cylinders when full power is not required.


  • BoxLink ™ Opens an overlay image for BoxLink ™
  • Hooks: two front cranes (4×4 only)
  • Squeegees, Power Deployable (SuperCrew ®) Image Overlay Unlock for Running Boards,
  • Power Deployable (SuperCrew ®)
  • Side Mirrors – Auto-Dimming Feature (Driver’s Side)
  • Side Mirrors – Heated
  • Side Mirrors – Integrated Turn Signals
  • Side Mirrors – LED Safety Approach Light Open Image Overlay for Rear View Mirror –
  • LED Safety Approach Light
  • Side mirrors: memory function
  • Side Mirrors – Power Fold
  • Side mirrors: electric adjustment
  • Spare Tire Bracket – Rear Lower Frame
  • Tailgate LED
  • 400W output Open image overlay for 400W output
  • Full Square High Strength Steel Frame


  • Side Mirrors, Tow Cranes – Power Adjustment
  • Side Mirrors, Tow Cranes – PowerScope ® Telescopic
  • Pro Power Onboard – 2kW Open Image Overlay for Pro Power Onboard – 2kW
  • Pro Power Onboard – 2.4kW Open Image Overlay for Pro Power Onboard – 2.4kW
  • Pro Power Onboard – 7.2kW Open Image Overlay for Pro Power Onboard – 7.2kW

Comfort and convenience


  • Autolamp – Automatic headlight on / off with rain wiper activated headlamps
  • Easy Fuel ® capless fuel filling
  • Hooks – Cargo Box Lashing (4)
  • Zonal Lighting LED Box Open Image Overlay for Zonal Lighting LED Box
  • Mirror Mounted LED Spotlights
  • Remote liftgate open Overlay image open for remote liftgate open
  • Rear door, ignition key
  • Auto Highlights Opens the Image Overlay for Auto Highlights
  • Automatically maintain



  • Front bumper – Body-color
  • Rear bumper – Body-color
  • Charging Lamp, Integrated with Center High Mount Brake Light (CHMSL)
  • Daytime running lights
  • Fog Lights – LED with LED Corner Lights Open Image Overlay for Fog Lights – LED with LED Corner Lights
  • Grille – Chrome Single Bar Style with Satin Chrome Trim and Chrome Accents Open
  • Grille Image Overlay – Chrome Single Bar Style with Satin Chrome Trim and Chrome Trim
  • Handles, Doors, and Rear Doors – Chrome with body-color tailgate frame
  • Headlights – LED Dynamic Bending Projector Open Image Overlay for Headlights – LED
  • Dynamic Bend Projector
  • Rear light – LED
  • Side Mirror, Skull Cover – Chrome
  • Satin Aluminum Tailgate Application

Entertainment system


  • SiriusXM ® with 360L Open Image Overlays for SiriusXM ® with 360L
  • Bang & Olufsen B&O Sound System with HD Radio ™ Technology Open Image Overlay
  • for Bang & Olufsen B&O Sound System with HD Radio ™ Technology
  • SYNC ® 4 with enhanced speech recognition Open image overlay for SYNC ® 4 with enhanced speech recognition
  • 12-inch center stack display
  • FordPass ™ Connect with 4G LTE Wi-Fi Access Point Open Image Overlay for FordPass ™
  • Connect with 4G LTE Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Connected built-in navigation

2022 Ford F150 Interior

Everything you need to know about the interior of the Ford F-150 2022.
The 2022 Ford F-150 is here and based on the specifications alone, the new full-size truck looks impressive.

The 2022 Ford F150 could share similar styling to its F-150 Raptor sibling

Ford says the new F-150 is the safest, most advanced, and most powerful pickup the company has ever built, heralding a list of options and features it has never offered before.

But despite the major changes to the exterior and under the hood, the inside of the F-150 remains impressive.

Some of the interior highlights include two new touchscreens, three available digital instrument groups, and for the first time as an option, Ford’s entire Co-Pilot 360 safety suite.

Combined with new materials, unique colors and patterns, and some subtle Easter eggs, the interior of the new F-150 sounds like a really great place.

Design: Better Material All Over

The exterior updates to the Ford F-150 2022 are subtle, but inside the truck is completely new. Ford features a unique blend of fresh materials, colors, and patterns designed to give the cabin a modern, upscale look.

And that new luxurious appearance is clearly visible by looking at the center stack. The F-150 2022 features two new touchscreens at the top (which you can read further down on), each accented by a nice silver surround and an efficient arrangement of buttons and dials underneath.

Finer materials adorn the dashboard, door panels, and center console – leather or plastic with a soft touch, depending on which trim you choose.

Leather seating is standard at Lariat and above, and there are three color combos for that model, two for Platinum, two for King Ranch, and one for Limited.

Ford hasn’t released all the leather options and palettes available, but we know for sure that the Lariat Sport model is getting a unique burgundy interior touch, which is new for 2022.

Features: More Performance

Ford packs a lot of features into the cabin of its newest truck. One of the most talked-about options (even before its debut) is the so-called “Max Recline” seat, Ford.

Available on King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited models, the Max Recline folds the two front seats flat to nearly 180 degrees, with the lower cushions raised to fill the rear cushions, and the upper back support rotating forward by up to 10 degrees. You can basically turn your truck into a makeshift bed.

Another unique feature is the shift lever itself, which folds flat to make room for a foldable table called the Work Surface, which extends from the center console.

There are some Easter eggs too, such as the American flag emblem on the outside air vents near each door and, on the Limited model, the new badge on the center console with the vehicle’s NIK number, updated from last year.

Also new for 2022 is the Onboard ProPower generator, which allows owners to power multiple electrical appliances via a plugin for the bed.

ProPower is available in three different capacities: 2.0 kilowatts in the gas-only F-150, 2.4 kilowatts in the F-150 Hybrid, or 7.2 kilowatts as an option for gas-electric. The two standard settings are equipped with twin 120-volt outlets, while the 7.2 kW setting offers four 120 volt plugs and one 240 volt outlet.

Passenger Space: There is still a lot of space

Although the F-150 2022 was greatly updated, almost all of the same interior and cargo figures from the previous model carried over. Things like headroom, legroom, shoulder room, hip space, and cargo capacity have remained unchanged from last year.

The only numbers seeing improvement are the width between the wheel cabs; on the 2020 F-150, it is 50.6 inches, and on the 2022 model 51.1 inches.

And most of those numbers remain the same because the F-150 really didn’t advance much externally – only slightly larger (and in some cases, smaller) than the previous model.

A next-gen 2022 Ford F150 Raptor has been spied emitting a rumbling V8 soundtrack, which is coming from the

Technology: Bigger Screen, Safer

The Ford F-150 2022 comes standard with an 8.0-inch central touchscreen and a 4.0-inch digital instrument cluster, the last screen being between the two analog gauges.

The new standard touch screen is actually double the size found on the 2020 model and runs the latest Sync 4 infotainment, which includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, AppLink, and over-the-air updates.

Also standard is the downloadable FordPass Connect app, which lets users lock and unlock their vehicles, check their vehicle status, and schedule remote start times – all from their smartphone.

The new F-150 also has an optional 12.0-inch touchscreen and a choice of two larger digital instrument clusters, one measuring 8.0 inches and the other 12.3 inches.

The last digital cluster replaced the basic analog meter entirely. The big new touchscreen, meanwhile, comes standard with Sync 4, pinch-and-zoom navigation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and even a 4G LTE wi-fi hotspot.

There are two optional speaker setups, too. Buyers can choose from the eight-speaker B&O Sound System by Bang & Olufsen with HD radio or the 18-speaker B&O Sound System Unleashed by Bang & Olufsen with HD Radio. Both speaker options do require additional costs.

The interior of the Ford F-150 2022 is completely new, as you would expect from a next-generation redesign. Here are our full preview and initial impressions of the redesigned model.

But stepping into a full-size pickup, Ford promises more comfort, technology, and functionality than ever before, along with better materials, improved cabin storage solutions, and more color choices when the 2022 F-150 goes on sale in fall 2020.

Enhanced storage, improved SYNC 4, and more technology

Similar to the exterior design, the F-150 2022 continues with a subtle yet evolutionary redesign.

Familiar visual touches remain, such as large air vents, while new storage solutions and unique design hints – such as a map of Detroit embroidered inside the truck doors, or the American flag located behind the A-pillar air vents – help differentiate the cabin from its predecessors.

All variants will come with a digital gauge cluster, with the base model offering an 8-inch Ford SYNC 4 multimedia interface with an over-the-air update.

The new SYNC 4 processor is extremely fast (twice as fast, to be precise) and can wirelessly connect smartphones to integrate with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, along with SYNC AppLink apps such as Waze.

A new 12-inch display – similar to the one Ram offers – will be available for higher trim levels. However, Ford prefers to prefer a landscape-like screen setup to leave room for redundant physical buttons.

Interior Work Surface

The most important feature in the interior of the Ford F-150 2022 is the available Interior Work Surface which cleverly keeps the shift lever inside the center console when parked, allowing a large work surface to replace it.

The surface is ideal for putting down your laptop or taking your lunch on the road. Again, this is all the result of Ford’s careful analysis of what truck buyers are looking for on their rigs.

2022 Ford F-150 Exterior Colors

2022 Ford F150 Colors The new Ford F-150 2022 relaunched to the market with a dramatic redesign that puts an aggressive twist on the full-size classic.

And as always, fans can look forward to an updated color palette to top it all off. Scroll on to see the latest images of the 2022 Ford F-150 exterior color options in this gallery from the team here at Akins Ford.

2022 Ford Raptor Colors

2022 Ford F-150 Colors When it arrives at the Akins Ford showroom, the Ford F-150 2022 will be available in your choice of fifteen exterior colors. The fresh color palette combines some of your favorite paint colors from the Blue Oval repertoire, including Space White Pearl, Star White Pearl, Rapid Red, Velocity Blue Metallic, Guard Metallic, Antimatter Blue Metallic, Kodiak Brown Metallic, Ionic Silver Metallic, Lead Foot Gray, Stone Gray, Carbonized Gray, Race Red, Metallic Fume Quartz, Metallic Black Agate, and White Oxford.

Most of the options are available at no additional cost, but getting a new F-150 in a premium color like Star White Pearl or Rapid Red will involve an additional fee that will add $ 595 to your invoice.

Not all colors make it past the other side of the fourteenth generation redesign. Non-returning colors for the 2022 model year include Magma Red, Blue Jeans, Silver Spruce, Abyss Gray, and Magnetic.

2022 F150 Exterior Colors: What colors do Ford F150 come in?

That’s right, the 2022 Ford F150 lineup offers 14 exterior color options to choose from – Blue Jeans, Star White, Velocity Blue, Oxford White, Magnetic, Iconic Silver, Rapid Red, Abyss Gray, Agate Black, Stone Gray, Race Red, Magma Red. , Silver Spruce, and Lead Feet.

2022 F150 Colors: What are Ford truck colors?

  • Black Agate.
  • Race Red.
  • Carbonized Gray.
  • Iconic Silver.
  • Stone Gray.
  • White Oxford.
  • Velocity Blue.
  • Fast Red.

2022 Ford F150 Engine

2022 Ford F150 V8, We don’t know exactly what’s behind the hood of the upcoming Ford F-150 Raptor, but it will likely be the next iteration of the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6. The 2022 Raptor may also be a gas / electric 2022 Ford F 150 Hybrid.

2022 Ford F150 Just about the most significant exposure the truck has had so far is appearing in a video released by Ford last year in which it uses its mountain of

With the TRX 1500 Ram assuming to come with a V8 producing immense power, the Ford F-150 Raptor can complete the year with an egg on its face.

In 2017, Blue Oval ditched the 6.2-liter V8 model for the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 and added a gear quartet – pissing off some die-hard fans of this model.

The Baja Boys have complained about the decision to fit a more elaborate motorbike into a vehicle designed to be abused mostly off-road, while others are simply outraged by the loss of the V8’s sound.

However, most of those who are not obsessed with the SVT badge agree that the changes did not break the truck and that second-generation suspension upgrades ultimately resulted in a better off-road vehicle.

That said, Ram dumped the model into a market targeting the same audience, and with the V8, that’s bad news for Ford. But it doesn’t have to be, especially if the sound we heard coming from the exhaust of the latest test donkey was what some listeners were claiming.

On Friday, F150Gen14 shared a video clip of a disguised F-Series pickup (h / t The Drive) that sounded as if it had packed a V8 under its hood.

Read next: 2022 Ford F-150 EV: New Rendering, Everything We Know

The footage features terrible audio, but there are a few moments where you can hear the vehicle moving away clearly (especially with the headphones) and the sound isn’t like the stock V6.

We already know Ford plans to equip some 14th-generation F-150s with a 395-horsepower 5.0-liter V8, so it makes perfect sense that the company rushes to get something ready for the Raptor once they find out Ram pulled the trigger on the TRX.

But the outlet suggested this to be the 2022 Raptor model year, although Ford previously told us the unit would be taking a year off.

That was before the info leaked, as well as some helpful VIN decoding that made it seem as though the pickup would be with us in 2022 – possibly equipped with a hybrid gas-electric V6.

However, it looks like a lot of complicated (and heavy) components to fit into a truck whose greatest strength is flying off the dunes.

There’s a lot of speculation here, but we’re very interested in borrowing your ears to help us decide the weather, we heard a V8 on video, or if Ford just fitted a truck with a trick exhaust to keep everyone guessing.

2022 Ford F150 Price and Release Date

Configure your 2022 Ford F150 truck for best-in-class payload, torque, towing or horsepower

Expect to see the Ford F-150 Raptor 2022 officially unveiled in the spring of 2022, with the date of the sale nearing the end of the year.

Ford will also offer a hybrid with an electric motor sandwiched between a V-6 and a 10-speed automatic.

In addition to increasing fuel economy, the hybrid powertrain will double as a generator for electrical, lighting, and other electronic equipment on construction sites and at campgrounds.

If that’s not enough for you, Ford plans to introduce the electric truck a few years after the launch of the F-150. Spy photos show this version will replace the live rear axle with independent suspension.

With GMC already touting a four-figure power figure for the Hummer EV SUT, we’re seeing a new battlefield emerge in Detroit’s endless truck wars. And if Ford doesn’t call this one the Lightning, something’s wrong at Dearborn.

Thank Mr. Mo Aoun for awesome pictures this very revolutionary

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